The new Business Unit of Mercitalia Rail was designed to boost the development of new international traffic originating in and / or destined for Italy. It embraces all product chains, but with a priority focus on the agri-food and chemical industries.

The IMD team is strong with over twenty years of experience in the markets of Eastern Europe and France and intends to expand the Group's presence above all in these areas, interconnecting with the activities that TX Logistik is able to guarantee on the North-South axis.

The value of this new BU is given by the fact that it is able to offer any logistical solution capable of guaranteeing an optimal service for the whole stretch, such as the availability of suitable wagons, the management of transport with monitoring on all foreign networks, the goods handling, storage, and road delivery.

The international activity takes place in collaboration with multiple European partners, guaranteeing customers the most efficient and economic solution from time to time.

Thanks to the Romanian subsidiary Rom-Rail Transport based in Bucharest, with more than 20 years of experience, it able to guaranteed logistics services for the entire Balkan area. 

Quality and competence are an integral part of our service

In July 2020, Mercitalia Rail, through its International Markets Development Structure, obtained the renewal of the international GMP+ Certification that it already possessed in 2017.

This important recognition is addressed to companies that produce, transport and market feed, attesting to the guarantee of the correct use of additives and the absence of unwanted substances.

The adoption of the GMP + certification system guarantees:

-        HACCP self-control;

-        control of traceability and product movement;

-        a documented management system, compliant with an international standard, recognized globally.


Head of BU International Markets Development
Stefano Ghilardi


For your requests for international offers:

Massimiliano de Lindegg

LPG / Petrochemical
Marcello E. Ferri

Rom Rail
Alina Floarea